Bahamas Destination Wedding
Frequently Asked Questions

destination wedding in the BahamasBahamas Destination wedding

Bahamas Destination Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Having a Bahamas Destination wedding? No matter if its a cruise wedding, Beach wedding or formal wedding, here are answers to 10 commonly asked questions about Bahamas Destination Weddings including the legal requirements and tips to make your wedding legal anywhere in the world. A must read before a Bahamas destination wedding

While I have answered the most frequently asked questions about Bahamas destination wedding, you can ask any questions you may have about a destination wedding in the Bahamas by using my Ask Glenn page and I will get you the answer.




7 Simple steps to Getting married in the Bahamas

1. What are the requirements for having a wedding in the Bahamas?

NOTE: Marriage licenses are issued at the Marriage Office of the Registrar General located on 2nd Floor at Shirley House, Fifty (50) Shirley Street in Nassau, which is open to the public Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Closed on weekends and Bahamian Public Holidays.)

Registrar General
P. O. Box N- 532
Nassau, The Bahamas
Tel: 242-397-9113
Fax: 242-323-7908

2. What is the process for securing my Bahamas marriage license?

3. How do I locate the Registrar General’s Office?

4. What if I arrive for my Bahamas wedding via cruise ship?

5. Is it true that you have to get married before sunset in The Bahamas?

6. Would I be able to use my marriage license from my country?

7. Will a Bahamian marriage license be legal in my country?

8. What if I hire a Bahamas Wedding Planner?

9. Can my pastor, priest, or rabbi perform my wedding ceremony in the Bahamas?

10. Can I get married on the weekend?

Let us know if there is any other questions you have about having your Bahamas destination wedding and we will help you to make your dream wedding in the Bahamas possible


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