Bahamian Handmade Straw Bags for The Holidays

Day 7 of our “Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas” series features Bahamian Handmade Straw bags by Dori.

Bahamian Handmade Straw Bags by Dori

Bahamian Handmade Straw Bags by Dori

These elegantly designed handmade Bahamian straw bags are a one of a kind item will make great gifts for saying thank you to those special people that have helped you make your wedding in the Bahamas special.
And your bride maids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom will love you for it.
Bahamian handmade Bag by Dori

Bahamian handmade straw Bag by Dori

Dori bags are made from the finest locally grow products and customized to your liking, whether it’s an evening bag or just a casual carry along bag.

So if your looking for a real Bahamian item that is sure to please these Bahamian handmade Straw bags by Dori may be just the thing.

  1. Maria says:

    Hi, i would like to ask you about the price of the first straw brown bag in the start of the page.
    Thank you very much!!!!!

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