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Bahamas Wedding Officiant

Bahamas Wedding Requirements – You Need A Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer

Bahamas wedding officiantOne of the Bahamas wedding requirements is that all weddings in the Bahamas must be performed by a licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer.

This is a special designation given to a selected group of individual who have met the prescribed qualifications for the appointment as a Bahamas Marriage Officer as set out by the Bahamas Government through it’s Registrar General Office.

And it is these Licensed Bahamas Marriage Officers that are empowered to performs wedding in the Bahamas. And these Marriage Officers can only perform a wedding for which a marriage license has been issue by the Registrar General’s Office.

So to get married in the Bahamas and have your wedding in the Bahamas legal, you really need two things:

  1. A licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer and
  2. A Bahamas Marriage License

And to get a Bahamas marriage license you must:

  1. Be in the Bahamas at least 24 hours before applying
  2. At least 18 years of age
  3. Single (never married as certified by an affidavit ) , divorced or widowed.

Here is Glenn Ferguson, a licensed Bahamas Marriage Officer answering the question “What are the requirements for getting married in the Bahamas

Bahamas Wedding Requirements

Your marriage license is available to you the day after your application as long as you are not over age 40 and still single. If you are then the Registrar General Office requires a waiting period of two weeks to verify your status.

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Glenn S. Ferguson is your Bahamas Wedding Officiant at Bahamas Destination Wedding  – Helping You To Create Your Memorable Bahamas Wedding. Just email any question you may have to about Bahamas wedding requirements or Bahamas marriage officer to or call 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621 USA

The Best Wedding Shoes for Your Bahamas Beach Wedding

The Happy Couple With Glenn on the Beach in the Bahamas

As a Bahamas Beach Wedding Officiant and Bahamas wedding planner one of the questions that I get quite often from brides is “what is the best wedding shoes for a beach wedding?”

And that is due to the fact that while getting married on the beach in the Bahamas has proven to be an exciting and growing trend most brides are not sure what type of wedding shoe to wear for their beach wedding.

You see when it comes to wedding shoes most brides naturally think heels but if you are planning a beach wedding you will need a shoe that is appropriate and comfortable for not only walking on sand but that keeps you from sinking into the sand as well.

The good news for you is that a number of Bridal shoe designers and retailers are catering to the beach wedding trend and you can now easily find elegant and classy wedding shoes for your beach wedding.

So here are some elegant beach inspired wedding shoes to consider for your Bahamas beach wedding. And these wedding shoes were selected because they provide you with both the comfort of not only being flat but having a solid base.  Making them very functional and you will like that they are also affordable.

Best Wedding Shoes for Bahamas Beach Wedding

Touch-Ups Jini Bridal Shoes






Bahamas Wedding On The Beach

The Happy Couple With Glenn

The Happy Couple With Glenn

Thinking about getting married on a beach then a Bahamas wedding on the beach may be just what you’re looking for.

You see the Bahamas not only have more beaches than all the islands in the Caribbean combined it is also home to some of the world’s top rated beaches.

And in the Bahamas you will not only find beaches with the softest, powdery white sand in the world but also pink sand, making these the prettiest beaches you will ever see!
Bahamas Beach Wedding

Bahamas Beach

And it gets even better as you will find that mοѕt of these beache аrе qυіеt аחԁ secluded. This coupled with islands amazing sunsets and crystal clear waters make these beaches the perfect place for a romantic Bahamas wedding on the Beach.

And when the wedding ceremony is done you need not rush because you will find that there is no place like the Bahamas for an exotic honeymoon as many of the resorts have rooms right on the beach.

So you can spend your time really enjoying each others company and taking in all the water activities that the beach provides like swimming, boating, bonefishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or exploring a nearby reef.

There is really nothing like a Bahamas wedding so why are still reading?

Book your flight now because I’m waiting to welcome you and help you celebrate your Bahamas wedding on the beach.

Glenn S. Ferguson is your Bahamas Wedding Officiant  at Bahamas Destination Wedding – Helping You To Create Your Memorable Bahamas Wedding. Just email any wedding in the Bahamas questions you may have to or Tel: 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621 USA

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Colin Cowie’s Wedding Chic – A Lesson In Style

Glenn Ferguson & Colin Cowie

Glenn Ferguson & Colin Cowie at Atlantis

After spending some time with Colin Cowie, author of  “Wedding Chic: 1,001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration”, recently in the Bahamas I now realize why when you are talking about style,  Colin is the event planner to the Stars!

And the good news for you is that Colin feels that true style has nothing to do with the designer clothes or timepiece you wear or even the car you drive or where you live but all to do with your sense of self, confidence and graciousness that is evident to person who comes in contact you.

Style is really all about you.  And it does not really matter how much money you may have (although money is important, Colin’s smallest budget for a wedding is $200,000.00).    But style is how you conduct yourself – simply being considerate and respectful!

And as Colin says “your wedding is not just another party but an opportunity to make a statement of style to your friends and family, as individual and as a couple, to be the consummate host and hostess.”

Colin Cowie's Wedding Chic

Colin Cowie’s Wedding Chic

This is why I feel you will find Colin Cowie’s book “Wedding Chic: 1,001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration” an indispensable guide to helping you make that statement of style to your friends and family.

In Wedding Chic, Colin Cowie provides you with expert advice that you can use to easily turn your special day into an a memorable event.  And when you combine that with a exotic and romantic appeal of a wedding in the Bahamas then you have an experience of a lifetime.

Wedding Chic is now available on Amazon for only $26.4o that a 34% savings.  So,  get the book and impress your family and friends with  your STYLE!

Glenn S. Ferguson is your Bahamas Wedding Officiant – Helping You To Create Your Memorable Bahamas Wedding. Just email any wedding in the Bahamas questions you may have to or Tel: 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621 USA

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