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Christie & Andy Bahamas Engagement

Christie & Andy Bahamas Engagement

Christie & Andy Bahamas Engagement

I am privileged to have been asked by Christie and Andy to officiate at their upcoming wedding on Rose Island in the Bahamas. And was delighted today to come across their engagement pictures on Kate Hood’s website – khi Photography. So excited that I just had to share these lovely photos with you.

There is no doubt that Christie and Andy have found their piece of paradise in the Bahamas. As they not only took their engagement pictures at Rose Island but are having their wedding there as well.

And just in case you are not familiar with Rose Island, it is just a short boat ride from Paradise Island and in the words of Kate “At the risk of sounding like a school girl (I usually do), OMGEEEE! “The ocean is blue, yes, but this ocean is a brilliant piercing blue. More brilliant than any other piece of the planet I’ve ever seen. It’s spectacular.”

And just in case you need another reason for a beach wedding in the Bahamas here is a link to more of  Christie and Andy engagement pictures on Rose Island in the Bahamas as captured by Kate Hood

Bahamas Justice of the Peace Services

Justice of the Peace (JP) Services Now Offered by Bahamas Destination Wedding

Bahamas Justice of the Peace Services for wedding in the Bahamas

Bahamas Destination Wedding is now providing Justice of the Peace (JP) Services  for persons having their wedding in the Bahamas and creating a one stop shop for making a marriage in the Bahamas legal anywhere in the world.


Bahamas Destination Wedding has announced that it is now providing  Justice of the Peace (JP) Services for persons having their wedding in the Bahamas. And essentially creating a one stop shop for all the services needed to make a marriage in the Bahamas legal anywhere in the world.

Justice of the Peace Bahamas

In announcing its JP services, Bahamas Destination Wedding’s resident wedding officiant and wedding consultant, Glenn Ferguson said “one of the requirements for getting a marriage license in the Bahamas, for a single person (a person that has never been married), is an affidavit certifying their singleness. And an affidavit is simply a formal statement or declaration that is sworn before a person authorized to administer oaths.  In the Bahamas one such person is a Justice of the Peace or JP.  So we felt that it was important to bring this service in house and eliminate the need for persons having to make an extra trip to get their affidavits done.”

Now that the company (Bahamas Destination Wedding) is providing JP services, Ferguson says “we are truly a one stop shop for wedding services.  And while most person do not fully understand the role of a wedding officiant, our role as wedding ministers or marriage officiant is not only performing the wedding ceremony by receiving and witnessing the consent of the couple but one of our main responsibility is to ensure that all legal requirements are adhered to so that the validity of the marriage is preserved. And this service helps us do this with confidence  as the entire process will be facilitated by us. Which means our couples will have more free time to really enjoy themselves.”

Ferguson, concluded by saying that he was happy to announce that his company is now providing JP services and “looking forward to working with our clients and improving their wedding experience in the Bahamas by not only making it a lot easier to make their wedding in the Bahamas legal but saving them time, stress and money as well.”

Address any questions or comments you may have about Justice of the Peace Bahamas (JP) services to Glenn S. Ferguson, Bahamas Wedding Officiant email or telephone 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621.

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Bahamas Destination Wedding was founded in 2010 to provide couples getting married in the Bahamas with access to localized expert advice and resources to help them plan their dream Bahamas wedding. The company offers Bahamas wedding officiant, Justice of the Peace Bahamas and wedding in the Bahamas consulting services. Bahamas Destination Wedding is headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas.

Glenn’s Bahamas Nuptial Beach Wedding Package

beach wedding ceremony in the Bahamas

Glenn’s Bahamas Nuptial Beach Wedding Package

Getting married on the beach under the clear blue sky, with the sound of waves gentle washing the shore in the background and the cool fresh scent of salt in the air is a truly romantic and beautiful experience that can’t be beat. And if you are looking for the ultimate Bahamas beach wedding experience, this is what Glenn’s Bahamas Nuptial Beach Wedding package is all about.

It is your wedding on an exotic tropical beach with white powdery sand, beautiful lush vegetation, wide open views of the ocean, and a back drop of gentle ocean waves under a clear blue sky.

With a personal wedding coordinator exclusive to you, making the magical wedding of your dreams a reality without the wedding planning stress.

Allowing you the freedom to focus on the intimacy of the moment.

If you love to be bare foot and not looking for a long train on your wedding dress then a Bahamas Nuptial Beach wedding ceremony has endless possibilities with its relaxed and informal style.

And no matter the color scheme you choose Bahamas beach wedding ceremony when matched against the vivid ocean blue you will have beautiful photographs that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

Glenn’s Bahamas Nuptial Beach wedding package includes:-

  • Wedding Consultation
  • Wedding Officiant & Licensed Marriage Officer
  • Priority Submission of Marriage License Application
  • Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Bridal Tropical Bouquet
  • Matching Groom’s Boutonniere
  • Personal Escort to Registrar General’s Office and Assistance with obtaining Affidavit & Marriage License
  • Transportation to and from Nuptial Beach
  • Personal Coordinator to assist with arranging other vendors and wedding services

Cost of Glenn’s Bahamas Nuptial Beach wedding package – US $925.00

Submit your Ceremony Payment by Paypal

* There is an additional charge for weddings that are held on the weekends and holidays.
* You will also need an Affidavits to qualify for your marriage license (if you have never been married) these are $45.00 each.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Additional Beach Wedding Package Options

As it is our goal to ensure that every wedding is perfect, we have made up a list of additional options that you may desire. Any of these options may be added to your beach wedding packages.

  • Flowers – There are a variety of floral arrangements available from our florist.
  • Video – Video service coverage may be purchased in increments of 1 (one) hour.
  • Photography – Photography services may be purchased in increments of 1 (one) hour .
  • Music – You can choose from Classical, Violinist, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Flautist, Calypso Band or Steel Band. All in 1 (one) hour increments.
  • D.J. – D.J. services may be purchased in 1 (one) hour increments.
  • Receptions – Outdoor or indoor receptions can be arranged at the beach or a garden setting.
  • Transportation – Transportation services for your guest may be purchased in 1 (one) hour increments
  • Airport Pickup – Be greeted at the airport and transported to your hotel in comfort.

Planning your wedding on the beach in the Bahamas?  Then let Bahamas Destination Wedding help you plan your beach wedding with Glenn’s Nuptial Bahamas Beach Wedding Package.