Alda & Eddie Renewing Wedding Vows on 25th Anniversary in the Bahamas

Alda & Eddie On Nuptial Beach in the Bahamas

Alda & Eddie On Nuptial Beach in the Bahamas

It was twenty five years ago to the date and time that Alda and Eddie were married that they decided to renew their wedding vows in the Bahamas – May 03, 1:30 pm.

And according to Eddie “I think,  believe it or not when we got married 25 years ago and the whole traditional,  this to me was nicer than the wedding we had back then because we were so busy we did not have an opportunity to really enjoy the wedding because we were so worried about what was going to happen.” Alda agreeing “Oh my God is everything gonna be o.k …  you know we are at a different stage of our lives now…”

The couple also took the opportunity to reconnect with the island they fell in love with on their honeymoon. But according to Alda and Eddie a lot has changed about the Bahamas since their initial visit. And the hotel they stayed at The Holiday Inn, Paradise Island is no longer there as it has now been replaced by Atlantis Resort’s The Cove.

However, the cove is still there and they have very fond memories of taking picture on the rocks surrounding it.

Glenn with the happy couple renewing wedding vows

The couple is enjoying their second honeymoon in the Bahamas at the RIU Palace on Paradise after renewing wedding vows and also vowing to not let another twenty-five pass before they return to the Bahama!

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