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The Nassau Straw Market

The New Nassau Straw Market Opens in Time for Christmas

The Nassau Straw MarketDay 9 of Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas features the new Nassau Straw Market which opens just in time for Christmas.

The Opening of the new $12 million Nassau Straw Market was marked with an impressive display of fireworks and a grand celebration inclusive of the popular Bahamian cultural event Junkanoo. Restoring the iconic and world famous Nassau Straw Market to its rightful place at the center of the Bahamian straw culture and finally giving some 500 straw vendors a much needed home.

The Nassau Straw Market

The new Nassau Straw Market is a state of the art facility boosting some 37,000-square-foot ground level space, accommodating over 400 regular vendor stalls, 34 specialty booths designed to showcase authentic Bahamian music, dance and fashion, public washrooms and wireless technology allowing for the processing of credit card sales.

The opening comes to the delight of hundreds of Straw vendors who have been operating from makeshift and tent facilities since the market was originally destroyed by fire in 2001 and more recently by hurricane Irene. Visitors will now be able to shop the Bahamian craft market without the inconveniences of the temporary facilities. The market also boasts of disable friendly access.

Here is a video tour of the market that I did recently to give you a feel of the new facility.


 The New Nassau Straw Market

So if you still have those last minute holiday gift shopping to do, why not head on over to the Nassau Straw Market on Bay Street and buy something uniquely Bahamian from the various straw craft items including straw handbags, wood carving and culinary delights.  And here are some of straw ideas for you from Dori’s collection of Bahamian straw handbags.

[slideshow id=15]

Bahamian Straw handbags

[slideshow id=2]

Bahamian Straw Clutches

These also make lovely gifts for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom at your Bahamas wedding

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Bahamas wedding bouquet by Nassau Florist

Bahamas Wedding Bouquets Inspirations

Bahamas wedding bouquet by Nassau Florist

Bahamas wedding bouquet by Nassau Florist

On Day 6 of Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas we are happy to feature Bahamas wedding bouquets inspirations by Jim Whitehead of The Nassau Florist.

This bride’s bouquet is made of Stargazer Lilies, white & orange mini Calla lilies, white Cymbidium Orchids, yellow & orange Roses, Blue Dendrobium, Orchids & orange Mokara orchids, reflective of Jim’s style.

A style he has harnessed over the past 40 years to make The Nassau Florist one of the leading floral stores in the Bahamas. Interestingly enough the company is celebrating its 60th anniversary having opened its doors in 1951.

Jim quickly points out that he has not been there that long but a good source indicates that Jim, who was born in Scotland, has been in the Bahamas for at least 40 years.

Over this time Jim and his creative team at the Nassau Florist have provided inspiration for countless brides’ Bahamas wedding bouquets.  As well as floral designs for some very impressive clients including floral and décor for His Royal Highness Prince Edward at The Governor General’s Youth Award, Miss Teen USA and the recently held The Miss Universe Pageant.

So here are a few of Jim’s Bahamas wedding bouquets inspirations.

[slideshow id=13]

Bahamas Wedding Bouquets

Here is the groom’s boutonniere which is made of orange Mokara Orchids & blue Dendrobium Orchids

Groom's Boutonniere by Nassau Florist

Groom's Boutonniere by Nassau Florist

Well, we just could not end without sharing with you some of Jim’s favourite things about the holiday…

  1. Favourite holiday movie? White Christmas
  2. Favourite holiday song? White Christmas and its gotta be sung by Eartha Kit. 
  3. Favourite holiday sweet indulgence? Mince pie with brandy butter, it’s a British tradition and take Jim back to his Scottish roots.  
  4. Favourite Holiday tradition? Our annual Christmas Eve, Christmas party with my special friends.

Oh and I can not forget to thank Marguerite Thurston, Bridal Coordinator at The Nassau Florist for all her help.

Thanks to Jim and Marguerite for sharing with us and we wish you and yours a happy holiday.


Wedding Bahamian Style

Wedding Bahamian Style

Wedding Bahamian StyleOn Day 5 of Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas we are happy to feature wedding Bahamian Style, thanks to Derek Smith and the fine folks at Impact Images Design.

When it come to weddings, Bahamian really know how to celebrate and this wedding Bahamian style collage clearly demonstrates that.

And I think Bahamas Destination wedding has snagged a good one for you as this is the wedding of Bahamian track star Andretti Bain, who from all indication is still enjoying his honeymoon with his lovely bride. 

Andretti was a member of the Bahamas’ 2008 4×400 Meter Rely team that won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympic Games. So we are very appreciative of Derek and Impact Images Design for sharing these with us.

Not only do you get the collage but we have also created a slide presentation of the pictures for you.

[slideshow id=12]

Wedding Bahamian Style

We could not let Derek go without sharing his favourite things about the holiday so here we go…

  1. Favorite holiday movie? There are too many to pick.  Sorry!!!
  2. Favorite holiday song ? Silent Night
  3. Favorite holiday sweet indulgence? Bahamian Fruit Cake
  4. Favorite holiday tradition? Watch our World Famous Junkanoo Parade on Bay St. 

While we have talked about Derek, he would admit that the person that really keep things going is his partner and wife Lashanta, a real gem of a lady and passionate Bahamian artist. Together they have been capturing wedding images and creating lasting memories for countless brides.

Thanks Derek and Lashanta for sharing and we wish you and your family the very best for the holidays.

By the way don’t forget to let us know what you think about our wedding Bahamian style collage and slideshow by leaving your comments below. And should you have wedding question please feel free to email me: or call 1-242-544-8784

Wedding in the Bahamas at the Cloisters Paradise Island

Simply Stunning Venue for A Christmas Wedding in The Bahamas

Wedding in the Bahamas at the Cloisters Paradise Island

Courtesy of Jonny Valiant & Elegant Bride Magazine

On Day 3 of Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas, we are featuring a simply stunning venue for a Christmas wedding in the BahamasThe Cloisters at the One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island.

This photograph of the Cloister at the One & Only Ocean Club by Jonny Valiant and featured in Elegant Bride Magazine shows just how stunningly beautiful this venue is. And as the picture shows it does not take much to it into an amazing wedding ceremony or wedding reception venue.

So if you are thinking of an exotic tropical venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas, why not consider the Cloisters at the One & Only Ocean Club,Paradise Island.

This wedding venue provide the opportunity to have your wedding in an outdoor venue that offer endless possibilities.

Just take a look at this video of the Cloisters and its surrounding gardens and you’ll see what I mean.


Simply Stunning venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas

Today’s featured Bahamas wedding professionals are Danielle Dunfee, Regional Wedding Sales Manager and Anva Roberts, Wedding Planner at Bimini Bay Resort.  Who have combined to share with us their holiday favourites.

  1. Favorite holiday movie – a tossup of Meet me in St  Louis  &  A Charlie Brown Christmas! These are definitely our Christmas  time cult classics.
  2. Favorite holiday song – 12 Days of Christmas but it has to be the Bahamian Version of course.
  3. Favorite holiday sweet indulgence – Rum Cake is a must. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without slice of rum cake with  eggnog.
  4. Favorite holiday tradition- We love caroling on our island and going to see our local Junkanoo in Bimini. We had one wedding on Christmas a few years ago where the bride and groom jumped into our Infinity Pool, this is now the tradition at Bimini Bay for all weddings.

And for you wondering about the location of the Bimini Bay Resort & Marina, well it sits on the northern shores of Bimini Island, the gateway to the Bahamas, as it is only only 48 nautical miles and a quick 25-minute flight from South Florida.

Thanks Danielle and Anva for sharing and we wish you and your families the very best for the holidays.

By the way don’t forget to let us know what you think about this simply stunning venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas by leaving your comments below.

bahamas Speed Revival Racing

Bahamas Speed Week Revival Jumpstarts Christmas in the Bahamas

bahamas Speed Revival RacingOn Day 2 of  Bahamas Wedding 25 days of Christmas we are happy to feature the Bahamas Speed Week Revival.

After being absent for almost 45 years the streets of Nassau roared once again as Bahamas Speed Week Revival jump started Christmas in the Bahamas.

The five day event which signaled the rebirth of sport car racing in the Bahamas, featured some 50 exotic and vintage cars from the 50’s and 60’s with a combined value of more than $100 million and was well received by Bahamians.  This weekend also provided those who experience the events in its glory days a nostalgic look at what was, as participants  raced along  the picturesque city of Nassau.

The event drew international participation from as far away as South Africa but probably the most noted participant was Robert Walton, Chairman of Walmart the world’s largest retailer. Mr  Walton drove his 1958 Maserati 450S, a car that raced in Nassau during the original speed weeks

The Bahamas Speed Week Revival committee headed by Jimmy Lowe and Brandon Foulkes, was also able to have as this year’s patron Sir Stirling Moss, who during the early days of Speed Week was one of the world’s champion drivers. Having raced against the likes of Phil Hill, Dan Gurney, Pedro & Ricardo Rodriguez, Roger Penske, Mark Donahue, Lance Revington, Bruce McClaren and other racing legends.

We at Bahamas Destination Wedding are hopeful that with the huge following of auto racing fans we will soon have our first Bahamas Speed Week Revival themed wedding, something we are looking forward to and probably will get in 2012.

Well, here is a video clip of some of the racing from Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2011 PGRpdiBjbGFzcz0iYXB2aWQiPjxjZW50ZXI+IDxpZnJhbWUgd2lkdGg9IjU2MCIgaGVpZ2h0PSIzMTUiIHNyYz0iaHR0cDovL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS9lbWJlZC9vYU5oNzY5N0FoND9yZWw9MCIgZnJhbWVib3JkZXI9IjAiIGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj48L2lmcmFtZT4gPC9jZW50ZXI+PC9kaXY+

 Bahamas Speed Week Revival

Today’s featured Bahamas wedding professional is Jill Smith, Manager and Beverley Clark Certified Wedding Planner at  Stella Maris Resort Club, in beautiful Stella Maris, Long Island.

Jill’s favorite things for the holiday are:

  1. Favourite holiday movie – The Holiday
  2. Favourite holiday song – All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey
  3. Favourite  Sweet Indulgence – A glass of Italian Prosecco with Honey Glazed Ham & Sweet Roasted Potatoes
  4.  Favourite holiday tradition- Cocktail Party at the Stellar Maris Resort with home made Egg Nog and live band playing Christmas Tunes

Thanks Jill, for sharing and we wish you and your family, the very best for the holidays.

As always feel free to share your comments about Bahamas Speed Week Revival and should you have questions about wedding in the Bahamas, just email or call us directly at 1-(242)-327-2453


Bahamas Handcrafted Straw handbags

Bahamas Handcrafted Straw Handbags for Christmas


Its that time again, and we welcome you to Day 1 of our second year of Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas, with Bahamas Handcrafted Straw Handbags for Christmas.

Bahamas Handcrafted Straw handbagsIn this month long series, we will be featuring things that are uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas as well as sharing some the favorite things of Bahamas wedding professionals. So be sure to bookmark this page and visit us each day so that you can be apart of this Bahamas holiday experience.

Today we are featuring Bahamas handcrafted straw handbags for Christmas by Dori’s Designs & Creation.

These authentically Bahamian handcrafted, one of a kind straw handbags, are the creation of Artisan Doramae Lefleur.

Doramae, has been designing straw handbags for the past eight years and has become a delight of the patrons at various local craft show. Her work is also a staple at the monthly Ministry of Tourism Tea Party hosted at Government House in downtown Nassau, where specially invited guest from around the world get the opportunity to view her straw handbags.

Doramae’s handbags features straw from across the islands of the Bahamas but she especially like to hand pick her straws and then have them exclusively plaited, so that she can maintain that unique one of  a kind theme that has become synonymous with her work.

During December you can find these uniquely handcrafted straw handbags at the Authentic Bahamian Craft Village located in The Mall at Marathon.


Dori’s Creation Straw handbags for Christmas

And we just could not leave without sharing with Doramae’s favorite things for holiday

Favorite holiday movie –  The Holiday

Favorite holiday song –  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing  

Favorite holiday sweet indulgence –  Bennie and Coconut Cakes 

Favorite family tradition –  Gathering around the Christmas tree opening gifts. 

Thanks Doramae for sharing with us and we wish you and your family a great holiday!

And if you have questions about Dori’s Designs & Creation Straw handbags feel free to email: or call me directly at 1-(242)-327-2453.