How to video weddings

How to Video Weddings

How to video weddingsLearn the insider secret on how to video weddings and you can have the wedding video of your dreams at half the cost.

But if you do not know these secrets on how to video weddings you can easily end up being very disappointed.

While anyone can use a video camera, it takes something special to create a professional wedding video.  And while you may want to save money,  your wedding video is one area you want to be as careful as possible because you will only get one change to record this most important day of your life.

The good news is that with a little planning and the right resource you can learn how to video weddings and create a wedding video that is as professional as the professional at half the cost.

And with professional wedding video services costing anywhere from $1500 – $2500+ this could mean a significant savings for you.

So if you are on a budget and still want to have a professional looking wedding video you should get “Wedding Video Secrets: A Professional’s Guide Doing It Yourself.”

This is the one course that will  teach YOU all the tips, tricks, advice, and techniques you need to know to plan, shoot and edit the perfect wedding video.

With How to video weddings …

  • You don’t need to be a videographer.
  • You don’t need to have thousands of dollars of video equipment.
  •  You don’t need to be an expert.
  • You don’t need a lot of time.
  • You don’t need a lot of money.

With what you will learn in this course you will be able to anyone videotape your wedding for you with an easy to follow, step by step guide that will ensure that you get a wedding video that you will treasure forever.

Learn How to video weddings and you can have the wedding video of your dreams at half the cost.

Wedding Video Secrets:A Professionals Guide for Doing-It-Yourself

Grand Bahama

Escape to Grand Bahama with Cheap Airfare on Vision Airlines


Grand BahamaYou can now escape to Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas with cheap airfare on Vision Airlines.

Vision Airlines is the newest US low cost carrier and to celebrate its new non-stop service to Grand Bahama is offering cheap airfare from five U.S. cities. But you have to book at least a three night air and land package to the island.

Travelers from airports in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida can travel to Grand Bahama the Bahamas for just $1 per person, each way, plus taxes and fees. While those from Louisville, Kentucky, Richmond, Virginia., Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, and Baltimore/Washington can take advantage of the same convenient, non-stop service for $29 per person, each way plus taxes and fees.

Escape to Grand Bahama

To take advantage of these low fares all you have to do is book a three-night, land-air package for two at one of 10 participating Grand Bahama Island hotels listed below.

And be sure to checkout the video at the end of this post for a taste of Grand Bahamas

Your booking must be made before November 02, 2011 for travel to Grand Bahama between November 03 and December 19, 2011.

Vision Airlines new service to Grand Bahama from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky and Baltimore/Washington begins on November 03, 2011. With service from Richmond, Virginia and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina beginning on November 04, 2011.

About Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island is rich a mix of relaxation and soft adventure, with miles of beautiful beaches, world-class resorts that fit every budget, unparalleled water-based activities and mouthwatering cuisine. Making it the perfect place for a Bahamas destination wedding.

And here is a Ministry of Tourism video that share some of the uniqueness of the island of Grand Bahama with you.  Just turn up the volume and enjoy the sights and sounds.


Come check out The Grand Bahama Island!

To book you Grand Bahama package you can either visit the airline’s website  – or call 1-877-FLY-A-JET.

Project Runway Stars’ Designs Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Project Runway Project Runway Designs of Kate Middleton Wedding

Credit: Gordana Gehlhausen

It was interesting to see the Project Runway Stars’ designs of what they felt Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would look like.

I must confess that I had never watched or even heard about Project Runway before this weekend.

I am assuming that you are better off than me and know exactly what Project Runway is.

Well for those of you who are like me just hearing about Project Runway for the first time, although the show’s Ninth season is premiering on Lifetime Television this coming Thursday.

Project Runway is an American reality television series hosted by Heidi Klum and focuses on fashion designing.  With contestants competing to create uniquely designed themed clothing within a set time. And  these designs are judged to determine the best one, with one or more designers being eliminated each week until an eventual winner is decided at the end of the season.

After watching the show I wanted to learn who eventually won season six, so I Googled the show and found an interesting article about the show’s contestants sketching a wedding dress for Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.

Well I not only enjoyed the shows but the sketches and you too can see the Project Runway Star’s sketches of  Kate Middlleton wedding dress.

And once you have had a look let me know how you think they compared to the wedding dress Kate wore at the royal wedding dress by leaving your comment below.

Brides Don’t Be Bossy With Your Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids & Groomsmen at Bahamas Wedding

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen at Bahamas Wedding

Bridal Guide magazine has posted it’s “Top 7 Wedding Don’ts,” – a list of guidelines for brides as they go about planning their dream wedding.

And as we celebrate Bridesmaids we like number 4 on the list – “Don’t be bossy with your bridesmaids”

The list is a clear indication of some of the common mistakes brides make and believe it or not one of those mistakes is being bossy with their bridesmaids.

Bridal Guide says “some brides ask (or worse, demand) far more: They expect their bridesmaids to shell out for needlessly expensive outfits, to run endless errands, to wear their hair just so, to attend (and buy gifts for) countless all-for-you parties.”

And  caution that as a bride you don’t want to be this way but instead sensitive to your bridesmaids’ feeling while considering yourself in their shoes.

Remembering that your bridesmaids are there to stand up for you as you take your vows, “to act as witnesses to this solemn event.”

And “these are your sisters, cousins, best friends, future in-laws, and there’s something sort of sweet about the way they gather around you, wearing finery you picked out, helping you pin up your bustle, holding your flowers.”

They want to be there for you and excited that you have asked them to play such an important role for you. Organizing various events connected with the wedding and providing emotional support to you their bride.

But your bridesmaids are also your guest so you want to be as courteous as possible showing kindness and caring about their feelings.

One other thing you should do for your bridesmaids and that is – try to keep your bridesmaids dress affordable but nice and high quality. You really want your bridesmaid to love their dress.

And remember that being courteous is also an indication of elegance and class and this will be remembered and appreciated long after the bridesmaids gift you may have bought them.

Come Let Me Show You What a Bahamas Destination Wedding Is All About…

Come Let Me Show You What a Bahamas Destination Wedding Is All About…

A Bahamas Destination wedding is unlike any other experience and this video share why you will find it to be the ultimate destination wedding experience..

And why Bahamas Destination Wedding a company in the Bahamas providing wedding officiant and wedding planning services is a company you wish to consider for your wedding in the Bahamas.

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    Bahamas amongst the Most Romantic Destinations for Valentine


    You want watch this video to see why the Bahamas is amongst the 10 most romantic destination for valentine according to a recent Huffington Post article.


    The Bahamas a Romantic Destination

     Writing in her article “The Most Romantic Destination (and where to dine!)” Carolyn Scott, Executive producer, creator, host and writer of The Healthy Voyager says that “while I can’t help you in the dating department, I can help you in choosing some of the most romantic Valentine’s month destinations. Whether you have a valentine this year or not, you may want to check these places out just because they are so dang pretty!”

    And list Nassau, Bahamas as one of ten places to have a romantic experience.  Saying that “all Caribbean islands know how to pour on the romance, but for our money, Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas not only has the requisite pink sand and turquoise waters, but also offers the greatest variety of places to eat, nightlife, and resorts.”

    Amongst the romantic activities Ms. Scott recommends are:-[bullets bl=”blue-check-5.png|IDGKZLKN5″]

    • Strolling the cobblestone streets or sipping cocktails overlooking the ocean
    • Shopping for traditional Bahamian handicrafts and souvenirs at the world famous Straw Market.
    • A romantic horseback ride along the beach or Surrey carriage tour through the city streets
    • Sailing through the islands on one of New Zealand’s former America’s Cup yachts.
    • Viewing the colorful and spectacular changing of the Guard at Government House, or just relaxing in your luxury room and enjoying perfect Caribbean dreams. [/bullets]

    Not only is the Bahamas a romantic place for valentine but for a destination wedding and honeymoon.

    And while Carolyn talked about Nassau there is no place like the out islands of the Bahamas for a secluded and exotically romantic wedding and honeymoon.