Choosing the Right Design for Your Wedding Invitations


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When it comes to planning a wedding, everything needs to be just perfect. It is your special day after all and you only get one of them, so every little detail needs to work in harmony. When planning your wedding, your venue, your dress and your theme will likely come first. But thinking about your wedding invitations should be important too; these are the very first glimpses your guest will get into what your big day is going to be like. Visit for a full range of invitation styles.

So when choosing wedding invitations, it’s important to think about design. For some weddings, especially fusion weddings, finding the right invitation design can be tricky. You need something that will reveal a little clue about your theme / colour scheme or just the style of your wedding day. But you want the invitation to look smart and elegant without being too over the top.

Here are some tips on choosing the right design for your wedding invitations:

  1. Know your theme/style – whether you want a theme for your wedding or you just want to have a particular style of wedding (elegant, traditional, modern, luxurious), it’s always a good idea to have this in place from the start. Then you can start to think about feeding this look across all areas of your wedding, from the flower arrangements to your invitations.

  2. Choose your stationery style – choosing the right wedding stationery is important. There are so many different invitation styles to choose from; one page invite, mounted card invites, pocket fold invitations, a traditional card invite or something a little more dramatic such as a message in a bottle of a scroll.

  3. Think about the words you want to write – what’s the tone of voice that would best represent you and your groom? If you’re having a traditional wedding, your words might be more formal. If you’re having a relaxed and fun wedding, perhaps a more playful tone would work. Whatever you choose, this is something that you and groom should decide on together.

  4. Add the finishing touches – when it comes to adding that final touch, it’s important to remember that not everyone wants embellishments and adornments. If you like simple, unfussy designs, stick to what you’re comfortable with and leave the frills to everyone else. If you’re all for lavishness and making an impact, add little touches to your invitations such as diamantes, gems, lace or bows, ribbon ties or other little embellishments.

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The Online World and Your Wedding


The Online World and Your Wedding Everything happens on the internet these days; from your banking and finances to even things such as you grocery shopping. We catch up with news articles on the internet and we even socialise with our friends over the web too. But that’s not all – the online world is an incredible hub for soon to be brides and grooms.

If you are soon to be wed, you’ll be surprised at just how many online resources you will find if you know where to look. And we’re not just talking about a simple supplier search or googling wedding planning services,  we’re talking even  “oval cut engagement rings.”

Here are some fantastic ways the internet can help you out if you’re planning a wedding:

  1. Inspiration – there’s nothing better than the touch and feel of a magazine in our hands, that’s true. But glossy mags and print media only goes so far. Everyone enjoys opening a new magazine for the first time, just as some people still prefer mail order catalogues to online shopping, but the online world is full of amazing inspiration. Websites such as Pinterest or WeHeartIt are designed specifically for image sharing and you can find some much in terms of wedding inspiration.

  2. Planning – ok so you have a professional wedding planner on board. But there are still some things that you need to keep a track of too. Or maybe you want to share a tracker with your wedding planner so you can ensure that you are both on the same page at all times. Online wedding planners are great as they bring together everything you need to organise your wedding including budget tracking, guest management, invite trackers and to do lists. Take a look at the different wedding planners from Weddingsite.

  3. News and trends – if you want to know everything there is to know about the wedding world, as soon as it happens, you’ll find that paper is just a little too slow. Online blogs are taking over the world and they are highly influential with spreading and sharing trends. There are so many wedding bloggers who can give you the latest, hottest news and reveal new products, brands or services you may be interested in.

  4. Price comparison – weddings are not cheap. Even if you are planning a wedding on a budget, it’s a good idea to have some money squirreled away for your big day. So being able to compare prices and look at different quotes is a big bonus. But don’t be fooled by lower prices on everything; sometimes you get the quality you pay for.

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