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3 Bahamas Hotels on List of the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013


3 Bahamas Hotels are on the list of the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013.  The list compiled by the online magazine Caribbean Journal, starts by saying that …

The Caribbean is not short on terrific hotels. Every island — every destination — has a range of interesting, original, luxurious properties sure to satisfy any traveler to the region. But this year, we wanted to offer our take on 10 hotels worth visiting in 2013. To be sure, not every country is represented, and some have more than one on the list.

Well the country that appears most on the list is the Bahamas with 3 of the 10 hotels listed.

Bahamas hotels

Bahamas Hotels on List of the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013

Here are the 3 Bahamas Hotels on List of the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013

Bimini Bay Resort 

Bimini is described as the favourite of Ernest Hemingway and Martin Luther King, with a and a sleepy charm that it retains to this day.  Giving Bimini Bay Resort & Marina an exclusivity that is rare in any property being just minutes from South Florida.  The property operated by Genting, was recently renovated and will soon have a boutique casino as well as a fast ferry from Miami.


Graycliff Hotel is located in the capital city of Nassau on the island of New Providence and reflect the rich history of the island.

Graycliff, home to the Caribbean’s first five star restaurant is located on a 17th-century site in Nassau’s old town. And served as home to many historic figures  including pirate John Howard Graysmith and the former retreat for many a British royal. It also has its own cigar and chocolate factories and the world’s third-largest wine cellar.


One & Only Ocean Club

The One & Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island is one of the Caribbean’s high-end standards. With terraced garden that leads up a hillside to Paradise Island’s famed 13th century French Cloisters and overlooking one of the world most famous beaches Cabbage Beach is one of the wonders of the region.

You can use this link to see the other countries and hotels that made  CJ Cool List – the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013

Paradise Island Bahamas Elope


Thinking about a Paradise Island Bahamas elope? Then you are not alone as the pristine beaches, gentle ocean breeze and breathing sunsets lures countless couples to choose a Paradise Island Bahamas elope.

Paradise Island Bahamas elope

Elope to the Bahamas

Glenn Ferguson, a wedding planner with Bahamas Destination Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas has been helping brides and groom celebrate their wedding in the Bahamas for nearly 10 years. And cites the cost of a continental wedding — $26,000 — as one of the reasons he’s seen a steady increase in the number of couples opting for a tropical wedding in the Bahamas. And they are choosing a Paradise Island Bahamas elope.

Also, it’s really easy to get to Paradise Island as there are direct flights from many major U.S. cities; it’s only two hours by air from New York.  It’s easy to get married as you won’t need any more documents than you would at your local courthouse (passport, birth certificate, evidence of the end of previous marriages). And third, the island is home to a broad variety of resorts so you can be modest or over-the-top super-luxe.


Requirements for getting married on Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Just so you know the legal requirements to get married in the Bahamas makes it simple to get marry. But you want to be sure and connect with a wedding planner to help you understand; comply with all of the requirements and coordinate the legal paperwork.

Glenn and his staff can will help you navigate the few formalities:

  1. You will need to apply for marriage license ($100) and you apply only after being in the Bahamas for a day.
  2. You will need to have photo IDs, a valid passport, birth certificate
  3. You will need to over age 18
  4. Single, widowed or provide evidence of the end of previous marriages.

Places on Paradise Island Bahamas to elope

As mentioned your options are many when it come to places to stay on Paradise Island. If you are looking for super-luxe, you may want to try the Bridge Suite at Atlantis which has hosted the likes of Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey.

And there are also plenty of places to get married on the island, from the grounds of your hotel, a deserted spot on the world famous Cabbage Beach and the French Cloisters.

Bahamas Beach Amongst 12 Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings


A Bahamas beach is amongst the 12 best Caribbean beaches for wedding. That’s according to the online magazine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.

Bahamas beach is amongst the 12 best Caribbean beaches for weddings

 The article writer does preface the list by indicating that…

The perfect beach is a matter of opinion, particularly when it’s the backdrop  for your destination wedding.

And we are happy that he did because with over 5,000 beaches, more than all the other Caribbean Islands combined, we are sure that any number of beaches in the Bahamas should be on that list leaving space for no other country to be mentioned.

However, we  hold heartily agree with the comments about Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas.  And you will be able to judge for yourself when you watch the video below.

If you want to feel totally embraced by powdery pink sand and salty azure sea, this Out Islands stunner is the spot for you. Not only is it three miles long, but it’s also 50 to 100 feet wide, giving you lots of space to spread out.

Harbour Island is a short boat ride from the main island of Eleuthera and is home to the world famous Pink Sands Resorts which takes it name from the pink sand beach that it is on.

Bahamas Beach wedding on Pink Sands Beach Harbour Island

Here is a video of Laura & Richard, winner in the 16 Islands Wedding promotion where 16 British couples were married simultaneously on 16 different island of the Bahamas on May 16, 2012.

Richard and Laura experience their dream Bahamas beach wedding by exchanging vows on soft pink sand, beneath an arbour decorated with beautiful seashells and flowers on Pink Sands Beach.


Bahamas Beach wedding on Pink Sands Beach Harbour Island

Again, a Bahamas beach being amongst the 12 best Caribbean beaches for weddings is not a surprise for me but you can see the other beaches that make the list of 12 Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings


Beach wedding ceremony decor


I am always excited about beach wedding ceremony decor.  And should be,  given that there are over 5,000 beached in the Bahamas. Making us the beach wedding paradise for any bride and groom looking to have destination on the beach in a tropical paradise.

beach wedding ceremony decor

Here is a video that showcases a collection of simple beach wedding ceremony decor ideas. Take a look and I’m sure you will find an idea that will be great for your wedding on the beach.


Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor

Bahamas Beach Wedding Planning Made Easy with New Beach Wedding Packages

Bahamas Destination Weddings new Bahamas Beach wedding ceremony packages provide brides with all-inclusive wedding planning 

As it takes the stress out of the wedding day with a variety of beach wedding packages to choose from and expert planners to turn any couple’s dream into a reality.  And brides can choose from a variety of beach locations through out the islands of the Bahamas to make their weddings as beautiful and memorable as possible.

The wedding planners at Bahamas Destination Wedding handle everything from music and photography to ceremony site selection, lodging recommendations, ceremony decorations, directing services, reception locations and rentals, beach décor and catering, including gourmet cakes. The planners also help choose wedding flowers, transportation services, formal wear rentals, wedding officiates and a host of other amenities to make each couple’s day as special and a personal as possible.

Brides can get information about beach wedding ceremony services available at Bahamas Destination Weddings’ web site or by simply calling (242)-327-2453.


Beach themed wedding favors


If you are planning a wedding on the beach in the Bahamas it only follows that you will need beach themed wedding favors.  As these will not only tie your theme to the Bahamas wedding experience but also serve as fantastic reminder of the time in the Bahamas.


Beach Wedding Decor 

Cheap beach themed wedding favors

So here are some cheap beach themed wedding favors for you to consider for you wedding on the beach in the Bahamas

beach themed wedding favor

  Wedding Favors Stunning beach-themed candle favor

 beach themed wedding favor

 Starfish Candle Beach Theme Wedding Favors