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Beach wedding in the Bahamas

Beach Weddings in the Bahamas

 Beach wedding in the Bahamas

Beach weddings in the Bahamas

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Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding planner and wedding officiant at Bahamas Destination wedding.  Today we are featuring beach weddings in the Bahamas. And sharing with you a compilations of beach weddings that took place in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is the ideal place for beach weddings as there are more than 5,000 beaches in the Bahamas.  So check out our video featuring beach weddings in the Bahamas.

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Look forward to seeing you soon in the Bahamas on a beach for your wedding.



Beach Weddings in the Bahamas


affordable bahamas weddings

Affordable Bahamas Weddings


When it come to affordable Bahamas weddings you are able to have your dream wedding anytime of the year.  As the Bahamas is tropical paradise with perfect weather year round.

Affordable Bahamas weddings

And choosing the Bahamas is one of the best decisions you can make as your family and friends will really enjoy attending your destination wedding because of the comfortable and affordable resorts that are available. Giving you the freedom to enjoy yourself without having to worry too much about them as they will be enjoying themselves as well.

Your Affordable Bahamas wedding

Because of the affordability and attractiveness of the Bahamas, your guest will not mind paying to travel to your destination wedding because they would most likely be making their own vacation out of your wedding. 

The Bahamas has countless options allowing you to get married on one island while honeymoon on another.  The weather will be warm and the water crystal clear blue even in the winter.

You will find that the resorts in the Bahamas can easily arrange your wedding and honeymoon as they have facilities for weddings no matter your theme or style with complete catering services as well.

There are also all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas that will welcome your guest with optimum service while providing access to the some of the finest beaches in the Bahamas.

The Atlantis  Resort on Paradise Island is just a short flight from Miami and a romantic destination for a wedding. Allowing your family and friends to easily come for a day or decide to stay longer and really enjoy the Bahamas’ many offerings.

And getting married in the Bahamas is not difficult. All you really need is to have a copy of your passport.

Affordable Bahamas Wedding Packages

Looking for affordable Bahamas weddings check out these great wedding offers which guarantees a priceless experience for your wedding in the Bahamas.

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Affordable Bahamas weddings

And should you have questions about affordable Bahamas weddings or weddings in the Bahamas call us directly at 1-(242)-327-2453 or 1-(501)-588-4621 and we will get you the answers.

Destination Weddings in the Bahamas Popular in 2013


Destination weddings in the Bahamas are as popular as ever and the Google year-in-review Zeitgeist list for 2013, proves it. With the Bahamas included amongst the top searched destination wedding locations for 2013.

destination weddings in the Bahamas

The Bahamas placed 2nd behind Mexico in Google’s listing of Top Destination Wedding Location for 2013.  And we only expect this to improve in 2014 as more brides and grooms are dreaming of saying “I do” on the beach.

Giving the Bahamas a distinct advantage as the Bahamas has more beaches than all of the other Caribbean Islands combined.

Why Choose a Destination wedding in the Bahamas?

One of the most popular reasons persons choose a destination wedding is the cost factor involved in weddings.  And destinations weddings in the Bahamas can be as luxurious or simple as you desire. Which mean that it will fit withing your budget no matter the size.

Secondly, there is no question that the ease of getting married in the Bahamas is a factor. You only have to be in the country 24 hours before applying for your marriage license and all you need is your passport and proof that you are eligible to be married, i.e single, divorced or widowed.

Thirdly, the proximity of the Bahamas to the United State makes a destination wedding in the Bahamas a hop skip and a jump away.  As you can get to the Bahamas from most major U.S cities within 3 hours.

Fourthly, stress planning.  As the Bahamas is home to world class wedding professionals you will have very little concern or problem finding reputable Bahamian wedding officiant, photographer, planners, florist, musician and other wedding vendors to help you plan your special day.

Finally, the enjoyment you and your family will get from having your wedding in one of world’s most exciting vacation destination. You will undoubtedly, give your family and friends memories that they will cherish and talk about for a lifetime.

Check out how much fun these folks had at Kim + Sam Atlantis Bahamas Wedding on Paradise Island.


Kim + Sam Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

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Destination Weddings Are Effortless With Bahamas Destination Wedding


Bahamas Destination Wedding is excited to make destination weddings a viable option by providing you with helpful budgeting and planning tips and resources for destination wedding in the Bahamas.

Destination Weddings Are Effortless With Bahamas Destination Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, and Bahamas Destination Wedding provides helpful guidance on how to select one of the world’s top location for destination weddings – The Bahamas.  Allowing you to quickly select wedding officiant, photographers, planners, florist, venue designers, venue and caterers, all while staying within your budget.

Bahamas Destination Wedding works with only A List Wedding vendors and professionals to ensure quality while giving you a variety of choices and costs when choosing your wedding services.  And giving you one less thing to worry about for your special day in the Bahamas.

When it comes to destination weddings, Bahamas Destination Wedding takes it to the next level as you enjoy one of the world’s top wedding destinations, offering all-inclusive Bahamas wedding packages that include event venues in tropical gardens, breathtaking beaches, private islands, complemented by Bahamian wedding professionals.


Destination Weddings in the Bahamas

The certified wedding planners at Bahamas Destination Wedding can assist you with finding the right music and entertainment for the ceremony and reception. Your coordinator can also schedule event outings for your wedding party, from water excursions to group dinners, if you wish to personally entertain the special people in your life.

Visit our website today to see how Bahamas Destination Wedding can make your wedding planning in the Bahamas a breeze.

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Bahamas Destination Wedding is the leading wedding service provider in the Bahamas. Providing planning, officiant, coordination, legal and wedding services for your wedding in the Bahamas. The company’s headquarter is on Cable Beach just minutes from Nassau on New Providence.

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Glenn Ferguson Nassau Bahamas wedding ceremony officiant

Nassau Bahamas Wedding Officiant


Looking for Nassau Bahamas Wedding Officiant? Find out why Glenn Ferguson is the perfect officiant for your Nassau Bahamas wedding.


Glenn Ferguson Nassau Bahamas Wedding Officiant

Glenn would be delighted to help you celebrate your wedding in the Bahamas.   Whether you are planning your Nassau Bahamas wedding ceremony on the beach, an estate’s tropical garden, or church you can go ahead and book Glenn as your Nassau Bahamas wedding officiant.  And if you have questions simply call Glenn directly at 1-(242)-327-2453 or email:

Glenn S. Ferguson, Wedding Minister Nassau Bahamas and Bahamas wedding planner at Bahamas Destination Wedding. Just email any question you may have about getting married in the Bahamas to or Tel: 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621 USA. Glenn S. Ferguson Google+Profile