Bahamas Handcrafted Straw handbags

Bahamas Handcrafted Straw Handbags for Christmas


Its that time again, and we welcome you to Day 1 of our second year of Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas, with Bahamas Handcrafted Straw Handbags for Christmas.

Bahamas Handcrafted Straw handbagsIn this month long series, we will be featuring things that are uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas as well as sharing some the favorite things of Bahamas wedding professionals. So be sure to bookmark this page and visit us each day so that you can be apart of this Bahamas holiday experience.

Today we are featuring Bahamas handcrafted straw handbags for Christmas by Dori’s Designs & Creation.

These authentically Bahamian handcrafted, one of a kind straw handbags, are the creation of Artisan Doramae Lefleur.

Doramae, has been designing straw handbags for the past eight years and has become a delight of the patrons at various local craft show. Her work is also a staple at the monthly Ministry of Tourism Tea Party hosted at Government House in downtown Nassau, where specially invited guest from around the world get the opportunity to view her straw handbags.

Doramae’s handbags features straw from across the islands of the Bahamas but she especially like to hand pick her straws and then have them exclusively plaited, so that she can maintain that unique one of  a kind theme that has become synonymous with her work.

During December you can find these uniquely handcrafted straw handbags at the Authentic Bahamian Craft Village located in The Mall at Marathon.


Dori’s Creation Straw handbags for Christmas

And we just could not leave without sharing with Doramae’s favorite things for holiday

Favorite holiday movie –  The Holiday

Favorite holiday song –  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing  

Favorite holiday sweet indulgence –  Bennie and Coconut Cakes 

Favorite family tradition –  Gathering around the Christmas tree opening gifts. 

Thanks Doramae for sharing with us and we wish you and your family a great holiday!

And if you have questions about Dori’s Designs & Creation Straw handbags feel free to email: or call me directly at 1-(242)-327-2453.


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