7 Tips For Your Bahamas Wedding On The Beach

wedding on the Beach in the Bahamas

There is no question that most popular place for persons considering a wedding in the Bahamas is on a Bahamas beach.

And so,  are you planning to have your Bahamas wedding on the beach?

The good news is that there are a numbers of hotel properties in the Bahamas that will handle the entire process for you. And we will be featuring  each of them in our venue section real shortly. So if you decide to use their services then all you will need to do is show up with your family and friends .

But if you have opted not to use one of local hotel coordinators and instead wish to plan your own Bahamas beach wedding then here are 7 tips to keep your guest comfortable and smiling during your wedding in the Bahamas!

7 Tips For Your Bahamas Wedding On The Beach

  1. If you are renting folding chairs be sure and get either plastic or wooden chairs. As metal chairs will get extremely hot in the sun and you do not want to risk burning your guests.
  2. Be sure to schedule your wedding early in the day or late afternoon to avoid the afternoon heat. A 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm start time is good for the afternoon
  3. You should always provide some shade with tent, patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas or parasols. As there is always the likelihood of a passing shower
  4. Get fans, as give away wedding favors. And you can even decide to order paper fans with your monogram or wedding program printed.
  5. Rent outdoor fans and put them on a low setting to keep the noise level down.
  6. Provide water or other beverage when guests arrive. But be sure to stay away from alcoholic drinks as they tend to cause dehydration.
  7. Be sure and have an air conditioned room nearby where guests can retreat if the heat becomes too much for them. Not everyone can handle the brisk Bahamas sunshine.

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