A Bahamas Cruise For Your Bahamas Christmas Wedding


How about a Bahamas Cruise for your Bahamas Christmas Wedding?

Day 15 of our “Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas” series were sharing about a Bahamas Cruise for your Bahamas Christmas Wedding.

Bahamas Cruise

 Bahamas Cruise

In 2010 the Bahamas will record more than  5 million visitors  to these chains of islands representing the largest number of visitors ever.

And most of these visitors would have visited via a Bahamas cruise. Making the Bahamas one of the most sort after destinations for a Caribbean cruise.

In fact 70 percent of the cruises to the Bahamas are Bahamas only cruises. Which means those book on the cruise visit no other destination on the cruise but the Bahamas.

So a Bahamas cruise may be the ideal opportunity for your Bahamas wedding during this holiday season. Will it be:-

[bullets bl=”blue-check-5.png|IDPVE50ZS”]

  • Carnival Cruise Lines , which is fun loving, casual and appealing to the young at heart of all ages.
  • Celebrity, which markets itself as the premium, semi-formal, value line with excellent food, service, and attention to detail.
  • Norwegian, offering an intimate environment focused on Freestyle Cruising.
  • Royal Caribbean with its activity filled, value oriented cruise with a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. [/bullets]

And then there is Discovery, Disney and Celebration. The choice is really up to you and those involved in planning your Bahamas wedding.

You also have your pick of destinations within the Bahamas as well.

 There is Coco Cay, Castaway Cay are private islands and only available to passengers on specific cruise liners. And then there is always the most sort after ports of Nassau and Freeport.

And if you are thinking about the weather then think again as the Bahamas you will find is an ideal refuge from the blizzard winters of North America. Which from all indication will only be getting worst due to the climate change effects.

So while your friends are snowed in up north you can be in the Bahamas enjoying not only the warmer temperatures but tanning in the sunshine. While relaxing on one of the many white powdery sand beaches that your cruise will stop at after your wedding in the Bahamas.

And a Bahamas cruise allows you to not only have your wedding in the Bahamas but honeymoon as well.

Project Runway Stars’ Designs Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Project Runway Project Runway Designs of Kate Middleton Wedding

Credit: Gordana Gehlhausen

It was interesting to see the Project Runway Stars’ designs of what they felt Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would look like.

I must confess that I had never watched or even heard about Project Runway before this weekend.

I am assuming that you are better off than me and know exactly what Project Runway is.

Well for those of you who are like me just hearing about Project Runway for the first time, although the show’s Ninth season is premiering on Lifetime Television this coming Thursday.

Project Runway is an American reality television series hosted by Heidi Klum and focuses on fashion designing.  With contestants competing to create uniquely designed themed clothing within a set time. And  these designs are judged to determine the best one, with one or more designers being eliminated each week until an eventual winner is decided at the end of the season.

After watching the show I wanted to learn who eventually won season six, so I Googled the show and found an interesting article about the show’s contestants sketching a wedding dress for Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.

Well I not only enjoyed the shows but the sketches and you too can see the Project Runway Star’s sketches of  Kate Middlleton wedding dress.

And once you have had a look let me know how you think they compared to the wedding dress Kate wore at the royal wedding dress by leaving your comment below.

A Bahamas Wedding & Holiday Treat


You have heard our wedding professional talk about it and for Day 5 of our “Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas” series we are sharing it with you a Bahamas wedding and holiday treat.

It’s fruit cake and we feel it would make an interesting desert to offer your guest at your Bahamas wedding this holiday.

Bahamas wedding treat Bahamian Fruit cake

Fruitcake is a cake made with a combination of chopped candied and dried fruit along with nuts, and spices.

And in the Bahamas, not only is the fruitcake soaked with rum, but the ingredients are as well.

In fact all of the candied fruit, walnuts, and raisins are placed in a container and soaked with the darkest variety of rum for as long as 3 months in advance of baking the fruitcake. And once the cake is baked rum is poured over it.

And with all that spirit it’s no wonder it’s a holiday favorite.

Featured Bahamas wedding professional

Today’s featured Bahamas Wedding Professional is Christelle Sturrup, Wedding Sales Manager at The British Colonial Hilton, downtown Nassau.

And here are her favorite things about the holiday.

  1. What is your favorite holiday movie? Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
  2. What is your favorite holiday song? Boyz II Men’s “Let it snow”
  3. What is your favorite holiday sweet indulgence? Rum Cake with lots of nuts
  4. What is your favorite family tradition? Sign Christmas carols with my husband and children while putting up the Christmas tree and dressed in Christmas pjs.

Thanks Christelle for sharing and may you and your family have a blessed holiday as you enjoy your spirited sweet indulgence!

Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas: Day 3 Dreaming of a White Bahamas Wedding

Dreaming of a white Bahamas wedding, well its our Day 3 of  “Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas.”

White Bahamas Wedding

I know there is no snow as the Bahamas is a tropical destination that gets 315 days of sunshine each year.

But you can certainly get some inspiration from this lovely centerpiece used for this table setting in our feature picture from Superclub Breezes, highlighting white rose and baby’s breath.

And to complement it we found these white calla lilies and off white roses bridal bouquet that can easily be matched with the groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and more.

The flowers are from Bridesign and are harvested and professionally arranged for delivery to anywhere in the world in a specially engineered box. It is a process that is said to ensure that you get gorgeous, affordable flowers that last longer. With freshness and on-time delivery guaranteed.

Dreaming of a White Bahamas Wedding

Dreaming of a White Bahamas Wedding

Hedda Smith, Sales Manager-Weddings at the Superclub Breezes Resort on Cable Beach is today’s featured Bahamas wedding planner.

And she shares with us her favourite things about Christmas.

  1. What is your favorite holiday movie? Scrooge.
  2. What is your favorite holiday song? This Christmas.
  3. What is your favorite holiday sweet indulgence? Fruit cake with rum sauce
  4. What is your favorite family tradition? Opening gifts under the tree with family.

Thanks Hedda for sharing and may you and your family have a blessed holiday and try not to go to heavy on the rum sauce.

Bahamas@Sunrise Dream Wedding 2 Winners Announced

Bahamas@sunrise Dream Wedding 2

Courtesy Bahamas@sunrise Dream Wedding 2

The winners of Bahamas@sunrise Dream Wedding 2 have been announced and the winning couple is Donaliquea Francis and Wence Martin.

The couple will now get an all expense paid wedding broadcast live on Bahamian television and you get to decide the look and feel of their wedding by participating in the Bahamas@sunrise promotion.

Donaliquea and Wence combined the power of the internet and word of mouth to propel them into the winner circle with some 8,500 votes.

They will now become the second Bahamian couple to have their wedding broadcast live on television in the Bahamas. The wedding will be broadcast by Bahamas@sunrise on Friday, September 16, 2011 live from the British Colonial Hotel during its 6:30 am  program on ZNS Televison.

In winning the promotion Donaliquea and Wence won themselves an all expense paid dream wedding package with every aspect of the wedding’s elements including rings, invitations, bridal gown, groom attire, wedding venue, wedding theme and reception menu being decided by the voting of the Bahamas @ Sunrises television viewers.

And we have got a sneak preview of the three choices for wedding venue and wedding reception menu courtesy of Bahamas@sunrise

[nggallery id=5]

Two thing are certain, there will be an ocean view and breakfast will be served.  Now the choice is up to you whether the wedding venue will be on the beach or in the garden and which of the breakfast menus will be served.

So, head on over to bahamas@sunrise and join the voting as time is rapidly running out.  And then tune into ZNS Television at 6:30 am on Friday, September 16, 2011 and watch Donaliquea and Wence’s Bahamas@sunrise Dream Wedding 2.

Christine Teigen’s Guilty Pleasure – Bridezillas and Wedding Dress Shows

Chrissy Teigen at The Cove Paradise IslandChristine Teigen admits her guilty pleasure is watching Bridezillas and wedding dress shows on reality television.

The Sports Illustrated famed super model made the revelation in an interview with Madeleine Marr for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, which is in its seventh season and being held in South Beach, Florida beginning Sunday, July 17.

The swimsuit wearing model is featured in the July/August issue of Ocean Drive magazine, which was shot at The Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Christine Teigen

Chrissy in responding to Madeline’s question “what is your guilty pleasure?” said “Terrible reality television. Any of the Housewives shows, Bridezillas and all of the wedding dress shows. I would love to be a wedding dress consultant if things go sour.”

And if seems that despite not being able to swim Chrissy still had fun saying “The Cove was such a fun playground with so much going on. I don’t think I’ve ever done a job where I got to ride a water slide through a shark tank during the lunch break.”

Though she admitted that her visit to The Cove Atlantis was a little frustrating as she had to miss out on the restaurants and food she love as she had to manage her weight for the shoot. But she has promised to return saying “I’m determined to do all the fun stuff—hit up the shark tank, play with the dolphins.”

A message that I hope John Legend, her boyfriend gets as it would be great to see Chrissy not only enjoying all the fun stuff at The Cove but also wearing a wedding dress in her glamorous wedding.  Oh by the way NEED a wedding planner?  We would be happy to help

So what is your guilty pleasure?  Go ahead and share it with us…

And checkout the video of Chrissy heating up the summer fashion scene at the 600 rooms Cove Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.