Wedding Starts with underwater marriage propsal in the Bahamas

Wedding Starts with underwater marriage proposal in the Bahamas

underwater marriage proposal in the BahamasA wedding can start anywhere and for Keith and Alena it was an underwater marriage proposal in the Bahamas.

The couple was scuba diving in Abaco when through the suggestion of a friend Keith decided to make his marriage proposal underwater.

I stumbled across the video on Youtube and was captured by the idea.

I know that underwater marriage proposals have been done before and happen in warm water tropical destinations all the time but I like this one because it happened in the Bahamas.

Underwater marriage proposal in the Bahamas

It started with the couple swimming during the dive and Keith pointing out a sea shell on the ocean floor to Alena, which he encourages her to get.  She seemed rather reluctant as she dove down to get it, but and after a little struggle  she eventually reached the shell and turned it over. To her surprise I am sure,  there was the diamond engagement ring attached to the shell. Simultaneously, Keith pops out a white waterproof pad with the question “will you marry me” and the option to tick either Yes or No.  Well, she accepted his underwater marriage proposal by ticking “Yes.” 

The couple resurfaced, greeted each other warmly with a kiss and then Keith explained the planning behind the underwater marriage proposal.

My only wish is that just as this wedding started in the Bahamas that the couple will also decide to make it a Bahamas wedding.

Here is the video of this beautiful underwater marriage proposal in the Bahamas.


underwater marriage proposal in the Bahamas

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