CBS’s “Honeymoon: Take 2” Dream Destination

Beach At Musha Cay

Beach At Musha Cay

CBS is running a weeklong couple’s competition this week on its “The Early Show” called “Honeymoon: Take 2” and the winning couple get the opportunity to have a dream second honeymoon in the Bahamas.

And you can be apart of the competition as of Tuesday, when point started being awarded based on viewers votes. So you want to check it out the rest of the week and vote for your favourite couple and help them win that dream honeymoon.

Did I mention the prize – Its a  6 day, 5 night stay on David Copperfield’s Musha Cay and The Island of Copperfield Bay, an exclusive private-island resort, in the Exuma where they will be pampered by a private chef and a staff of 30 while enjoying the resort’s 11 private islands and 40 beaches.

All this, courtesy of the luxury travel agency network Virtuoso and American Airlines.

So check it out – “Honeymoon: Take 2” Dream Destination and help your favourite couple win this dream second honeymoon

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