Project Runway Stars’ Designs Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Project Runway Project Runway Designs of Kate Middleton Wedding

Credit: Gordana Gehlhausen

It was interesting to see the Project Runway Stars’ designs of what they felt Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would look like.

I must confess that I had never watched or even heard about Project Runway before this weekend.

I am assuming that you are better off than me and know exactly what Project Runway is.

Well for those of you who are like me just hearing about Project Runway for the first time, although the show’s Ninth season is premiering on Lifetime Television this coming Thursday.

Project Runway is an American reality television series hosted by Heidi Klum and focuses on fashion designing.  With contestants competing to create uniquely designed themed clothing within a set time. And  these designs are judged to determine the best one, with one or more designers being eliminated each week until an eventual winner is decided at the end of the season.

After watching the show I wanted to learn who eventually won season six, so I Googled the show and found an interesting article about the show’s contestants sketching a wedding dress for Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.

Well I not only enjoyed the shows but the sketches and you too can see the Project Runway Star’s sketches of  Kate Middlleton wedding dress.

And once you have had a look let me know how you think they compared to the wedding dress Kate wore at the royal wedding dress by leaving your comment below.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I absolutely LOVE Heidi Klum, especially when it comes to her latest ventures and fashion!

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