Bahamas 16 Island Wedding in the Bahamas Promotion

Win One of Bahamas Island 16 Wedding in The Bahamas

Bahamas 16 Island Wedding in the Bahamas Promotion

Courtesy of Ben Jamieson Photography

Here is your opportunity to win one of 16 Bahamas Island Dream Wedding in the Bahamas packages.

And all you have to do is enter the “Bahamas 16 Island Wedding Invitation” promotion which runs from now until November 30, 2011.

“The Bahamas 16 Island” wedding in the Bahamas  promotion is giving 16 lucky couples the change to win a wedding in The Islands of The Bahamas. The wedding in the Bahamas will take place on each of the 16 Islands on 16 May 2012 at 4:00 PM with 2 wedding guest ( Bahamas Law requires a wedding to have 2 witnesses) as you get to do it with at least two friend or family member present.

I like this promotion as it give you two ways to enter.

You can either submit a 60 seconds video about yourselves, say on which island you would like to win your wedding in the Bahamas and why or you can simply write an essay of up to 50 words in the online box provided.

These will then be uploaded and you family and friend given an opportunity to vote. And again the promotion allows two ways of voting, either online or by texting BAHAMAS plus the Bridal number of the couple.

The couple receiving the most votes will win the first wedding and a panel of judges will decide the other 15 couples to have their dream wedding in the Bahamas.

The wedding in the Bahamas winning couples will all receive:

  •  round trip flights and transfers;
  •  seven nights accommodation and
  • six nights for their two guest witnesses,
  • all meals;
  • a wedding package (there are 16 islands and 16 wedding packages so see rules)
  • the services of a wedding consultant;
  • a designer wedding dress from the Tia range by Benjamin Roberts;
  • wedding rings to the value of £500, courtesy of Goldsmiths.

But you can only enter at – so head on over and let the folks why you should be having you dream wedding on an island in the Bahamas.

Hold on there is even more to get your friends and family to vote for you the Bahamas Island 16 wedding in the Bahamas is also offering them a chance to win their very own Bahamas vacation. So this should be a really easy sell for you, just point them to this link –


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